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Ouchy this sunburn hurts...

Glad I'm not back home with the snow right now :)


St. Anne's in the South of Martinique...I know you love my "superstar" pose!

Yesterday was quite a long day. Well to start off in the morning, my roommate and I ran into an issue with our guard-dog and the cleaning lady/maids daughter...yea ask me about that another time, it was pretty scary. We were a half an hour late getting to school to catch the bus to head down to St. Anne's. Once we got on the bus we had another wonderful hour bus ride (this is typical of Martinique...the north is about an hour from Fort de France and the South is about an hour away as well...to put things into perspective...the island is probably about the size of the state of Delaware. Oh yea and everyone here pretty much drives manuals because of all of the hills and mountains and such (this is the first time I've ever seen a manual leasure bus lol). So we did some awesome hiking for about 2 hours and saw some beautiful sights along the way. The beaches in the south have white sand and the beaches in the north have black sand because of the volcanic ash. The weather itself yesterday was pretty gloomy, the sun was going in and out the entire day so I didn't think I got much sun - errr I was wrong. By the end of the day I was looking like a red hott chili pepper lol. The sun managed to creep its way through the clouds. The picture above was taken at a pretty cool spot that look "canyon-ish" I don't know if it had a name, but I really thought it was cool. I took a lot of pictures of this area, so you can look at them once I get my album posted. Also there was a pretty cool cliff spot where the edge was about 70 feet from the water and somehow the water managed to crash onto the side of the cliff and reach all the way up to the top!!! Totally neato. The reason why the waves are really strong in the south is because of the coral reefs the are located below the water, well at least that's what our history teacher told us lol. We finally got to a cool spot where the beaches were absolutely beautiful...we went for a little swim, but unfortunately it started raining on and off so we had to boot scoot and boogie and get onto the bus. We found a few cool vendors while we were there with cool dresses and jewelry...I picked up some souvenirs for family and friends while I was there :) Can't wait to get back to the states so you guys can see them!

The tour guide is showing us different plants in this picture and he told us that these plants are actually poisonous and when it rains you don't want to touch the water that comes off of them because the water could actually burn you. Pretty crazy!

Here's that spot I was talking about where the waves were crazy strong and crashing up to the top of the cliff!

In tropical paradise, there's always palm trees...my trip wouldn't be complete without a picture of me with one of them!

Today we are going to a place to make chocolate! I'm pretty excited because for those of you who know me...I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading everyone, sorry I didn't have enough time to talk about all of the other cool stuff I've done that I talked about yesterday...anyway off to class.


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