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Ever taste chocolate before they add the sugar?

I have and it tastes nothing like what you buy...

Ok so yesterday was awesome, we were able to go to "La Chocalaterie" aka the Chocolate factory and see where they make chocolate. I've been to the Hershey Chocolate factory in PA so I didn't think this was going to be too exciting, how wrong I was...This was an actually factory where people worked, not something staged that you could walk through and observe the "process" of making chocolate. The tour guide showed us from the very beginning what the actual chocolate seeds look like that are harvested off of the trees.

This is what the seed looks like before it is passed through the machine and basically burned to death before we eat it. The process was really interesting and I took a video of it. We were also able to taste the chocolate before they added any sugar or milk to it and it was sooooo bitter. I had no clue that's what pure chocolate tasted like, but it was eek gross and for those of you that know me...you know I love chocolate, but thank goodness people figured out that they could add sugar and milk to it to make it taste better.



The best part about the chocolate bars that were made there is that they legit only have 4 ingredients and I know what they all are...it's not like there's niacin or red#5 in it...makes me feel a lot better about eating chocolate a piece of that chocolate. The factory worker gave each of us 4 bars of it to take home with us, if you're lucky enough I'll have some left over for when I come home! I took a video of the production line where the chocolate bars were actually made and wrapped and placed in boxes, but the video won't upload right now :( One thing that I did realize is that a lot of times in my life, I never really think about what it takes to get a product to the store where people will buy it. In America, we are huge consumers and I don't always think about the little people that work on the factory lines that get my product onto the shelves. I couldn't imagine working on an assembly line for 8 hours (or longer) each day just making chocolate bars, or anything else. Also there was a young boy working in the factory...I'd like to look up the labor laws here because he couldn't have been any older than 12 or 13 - that brought a whole new series of questions to my mind. Ok and so here's a pic of me after I had tasted the chocolate and I think my face explains enough lol yuck...


Worst part about it was that I didn't know what to do with the remaining chocolate on my finger...

Posted by agawel17 04:48

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