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Day 1

Thank goodness I finally got some sleep.


Hello friends!!! I hope you find this blog useful in following me in my tavels through the Carribean island of Martinique. For those of you who don't know already, I decided to travel here to study my french while still having the opportunity to do so in college. I will be here for the entire month of January and boy will is be an adventure.

Yesterday got off to a rocky start, thankfully it is now over. Adam dropped me off at the Philadelphia airport around 5:15am. After waiting over an hour in line to check me bags, I was extremely frustrated and running on lack of sleep. The plane did leave on time around 7:10 and we landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico at 11:30 (we lost an hour due to the time difference). Then we got to chill in the airport until our next flight to Martinique at 8:10. Let's just say airports are extremely expensive, and the food isn't great. I tried to catch a cat nap here and there at the airport, but was not very successful in my endeavor. Once we got on the plane in San Juan (which was late as well...) we were having technical difficulties and didn't depart for another hour and a half. We got to the airport and after a quick check through customs (all they did was look at our passports, nothing special) we found that half of the luggage was missing...half it was sent early...what a shocker. It was in a closet somewhere annnnnd of course they took all of the luggage out and whelp mine wasn't there. Of course it had to be the last one!!! I won't bore you with the details, but our host mom came and picked us up and brought us home and finally we were able to sleep.

Ok so here's the good stuff...

I am going through a complete culture shock right now. Last night there was a cool breeze that lightly swayed across the island and you could feel the moisture in the air. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I thought I was going to be staying in a home similar to something in America...WRONG!!!! Ohhhh how wrong was I. We arrived at this house and it looked pretty sketch, and I started to get nervouse, wondering omg I am going to be living here for an entire month (it looked like a rinky dink place you see in the city that you don't want to be around). Once we entered the house it truly was nothing like a home in America besides the basics. I will post pictures of course for you to see. My thoughts were everywhere and to be honest I was a little scared. The home felt cold...no carpets, just tiles (and not clean like the clean we are used to back home, a bit of dirt here and there and cobwebs and roaches is no big deal for them. I went to go use the toilet and there was a cockroach just chillin in there (oh and the water was brown too! So after slowly adjusting to these new finds, I was able to let everything settle in. The best part I forgot to tell you about is that when you walk through the front room and towards the back, the house opens up into a wonderful outdoor beach house oasis. Extremely open with only an awning covering the top with some drapes on the sides. I was in paradise, there are palm trees and a little creek with a tree swing in the back yard. I can't believe I am actually here. All of the students on the trip and myself stepped out of our comfort zones of being in America. Adjusting at first was difficult, but now I am at ease and so thankful that I am able to have this experience.

Today will be exciting for it's the first day I will get to see the island in the day time. Enjoy following me throughout this trip. I will be sharing photos and videos and anything else I can upload on here!

I love you all <3


PS - I will most likely post every day if I can, I'd like to have this trip documented for myself and you all as well. Oh and umm yea the host family only speaks French (with a little bit of english...this should be fun :)

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